Kangasniemi 5.5.2016

Breed judge Markku Kipinä, Finland
Group judge Markku Kipinä, Finlnad

Who´s Big Wig                        BOB, BOG 4

BOB Who´s Big Wig and BOS Do Tell Sweet Hitch Hiker

Who´s Big Wig and Who´s Willy-Nilly


  Tampere IDS 30.4. - 1.5.2016

Breed judge Johan Juslin, Finland
Group judge Walter Jungblod, Germany

Who´s Not Guilty                     CACIB, BOB
Who´s Big Wig                         CACIB, BOS
Who´s Guilty                           RES CACIB, BB 3
Who´s Willy-Nilly                      RES CACIB, BD 2

BOB Who´s Not Guilty and BOS Who´s Big Wig

Who´s Not Guilty



Vaasa  IDS 16.-17.4.2016

Breed judge Erodotos Neofytoy, Cypros
Group judge Ekaterina Senasenko, Russia

Who´s Big Wig                          CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 4 -> FI CH
Who´s Not Guilty                       CAC, CACIB, BOS  -> FI CH

BOB Who´s Big Wig and BOS Who´s Not Guilty

Who´s Big Wig



Turku IDS 16.-17-1.2016

Breed judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuana
Group judge Julija Aidietiene, Lithuana
Judge for Best In Show Ferdinando Asnaghi, Italy

Gia´ Che Ci Sei Della Riva D´Arno     BOB, BOG 1, BIS 3
Who´s Guilty                                BOS